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Just Start

I wrote the last entry 4½ years ago, thinking my job couldn’t get any better.

“…working with a group of people you know well and trust implicitly, building something together…”

I was as happy a cog in the machine as any, and that was all there was.

Until it wasn’t.

What happened? Change happened, as it always does. People leaving, priorities shifting. So I finally — finally — decided to continue on my own and start my own business.

For several years now, I’ve been wanting to write an open source student tracking system for the Dutch primary education. Earlier this year I gave it a name, Vollo, and just started writing the code. Yes I know, it’s stupid, it’s foolish, I did read Lean Startup and I’m still doing it this way. I believe public institutions (like schools) should use open source software more often. Right now though, there isn’t an open source option for this important piece of school software. So I decided to do my bit and start coding, and hopefully be able to offer this option in the near future. Vollo, the company, will offer paid hosting and support. In the meantime I’ll earn money the way I always have, by doing Java/Javascript contracting work. It turns out that my job did get a lot better after all.

2018-08-06. One response.