Rails Team Ends Second In Dutch Development Contest

In Holland we have a yearly development contest called “Development Tools” (formerly RAD Race). In two days, several teams consisting of two coders build an administrative application according to fixed requirements, with database access, forms, reports, the works. The contest was originally organized for 4GL RAD tools, but in recent years Java teams have entered the competition. Without too much success though, for no Java team has up till now managed to beat the 4GL tools. This year, for the first time, a Rails team joined up. And not just any Rails team; my co-bloggers from “rubyenrails.nl“, Remco van ‘t Veer and Michiel de Mare were in it. Today the results from the contest were published, and guess what — Remco and Michiel came in second! They beat all the Java teams; first place was for the CrossmarX Application Engine. Congratulations to Remco and Michiel, and to Rails of course!!

2006-03-29. One response.


  1. […] Yesterday evening I attended a session on domain-driven design (ddd) at Sogyo’s offices, a nicely converted farmhouse located somewhere in the center of Holland. I was amazed to hear Ruby and Rails being used as an example of domain-driven development. One of the presenters even claimed that Dutch Rubyists Remco and Michiel (who reached 2nd place at this year’s RAD Race, a programming contest) had done so well because they were able to work domain-driven, thanks to Rails. […]