BEA WebLogic Ready for Ruby?

BEA’s Bill Roth (vp of the BEA Workshop Business Unit) hinted at JavaPolis and later in his blog and a LogicCMG blog at the possibility of WebLogic server supporting other languages than Java, like PHP or Ruby. I think this is an interesting idea. If, for instance, Ruby or Rails applications could be deployed to a WebLogic server, maybe you could use data sources or JMS queues from within Ruby code, or even call EJBs. You could profit from WebLogic’s scalability. Another advantage I see is that with BEA ‘supporting’ Ruby, it would be much easier to use Ruby in a corporate environment (that is, if they use BEA in the first place). BEA, bring it on!

(Note that I’m silently ignoring the mention of PHP here. Mentioning PHP and Ruby together does not do justice to Ruby; too many people I speak already think Ruby is just another PHP variant. I think BEA would actually lose credibility if they were to support PHP.)

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