Ruby or Rails?

Last Friday I finally managed (been too busy lately) to visit Rotterdam’s super bookstore, Donner, to pick up a copy of Programming Ruby. I will easily spend an hour or two roaming Donner’s eight or nine floors, browsing through all their new books, discovering old ones I hadn’t seen before, sitting down for a while to read through the contents of some books to see if I should really spend the small fortune they sometimes cost these days… Usually I start by going straight to the third floor (computer books), then slowly all the way up (passing the cd department, books on art, design, movies, music etc.; top floor has books on sale); and finally I go back down again (law, economics, philosophy, magazines, gardening, food, photography, and the huge basement with fiction, Dutch & English). Anyway, there I was on the third floor, only one copy of Programming Ruby left (is it that popular or doesn’t it sell at all?)… and I didn’t buy it! Instead I took home Agile Web Development with Rails, in the true Ruby spirit: I want to create something right away, build a web site now, with Ruby. I know myself, eventually I will buy the other book and meticulously read about all the language intricacies. But for now, it’s Rails.

2005-12-05. 2 responses.


  1. Hehe, I bought both books (at Computer Collectief, the best computer bookstore in Amsterdam) and read Programming Ruby first. Now that I am reading the Rails book I realise I should’ve started with that one. So I guess your gut instinct is right; start with the Rails book if you want to know what all the hype is about. 🙂

  2. I’m moving from c# to ruby. I have projects, but I am having a lot of trouble troubleshooting issues. You wouldn’t happen to either be available for or know a RoR developer available for hourly consultation do you?