Slovene lessons

Finally the gray blanket over Ljubljana has lifted and we’re seeing some sun today for the first time, our last day in the Slovene capital. Yesterday, we visited the school museum; a tiny little museum in an old school building. We were asked to join a Slovene school class in a ‘lesson from the past’, a writing lesson as it would have been given in 1930. A very strict teacher first checked everyone’s hands to see if they were clean, then proceeded to teach how to write different letters–with old fashioned ink and pen. It was all fun to watch, even though we didn’t understand a word (it was all in Slovene).
In the evening, we were invited to the home of M.’s Slovene colleague for dinner. It’s strange how you expect everything to be different in another country, when so much turns out to be so recognizable and familiar. That’s something to realize when you read about faraway countries: people there work, and eat, and have children, and enjoy themselves, just like people do in your own environment. Another very pleasant evening.
Tomorrow we’re off on an excursion touring the country, so we’ll see some more of Slovenia outside its capital. And after that we’re on the train back home…

2005-11-17. One response.


  1. […] This blog will also forever come up as a site to find “slovene lessons”, or so it seems. I guess these people are looking for another kind of lesson than I had in Slovenia. Still, Danny’s Blog currently comes up at #2 in Google. Maybe I should start a Slovene language school? Or sell my domain name to #8, who actually teaches Slovene online? Anyway, I wish these students-to-be a lot of luck, because the Slovene language didn’t sound to me like it’s an easy language to master. […]